Election 2020: Mike Hosking and Judith Collins – the Newstalk ZB Leaders’ Breakfasts

Election 2020: Mike Hosking and Judith Collins – the Newstalk ZB Leaders’ Breakfasts

National leader Judith Collins is being grilled on why her party should lead New Zealand through a pandemic and the economic fallout during the first of Newstalk ZB’s Leaders Breakfasts today.

Mike Hosking will put the questions to Collins over two hours, starting from 7am.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will front next Monday, as she lays out her alternative vision for the country.

Listen live on Newstalk ZB and iHeart Radio, and watch the livestream and updates here.


Listen live: Hosking v Collins, 7am-9am

The leaders breakfast comes less than two weeks out from the general election and amid a global health crisis and economic crisis – the likes of which we’ve never seen.

So which leader has the answers to get us through this?

Topics this morning will include:

• National’s policy platform.

• Reaction to any criticism of the party’s policy.

• How a National-led government will be different to the current regime.

• Controversies over the past three years.

• National’s performance in Opposition over the past political term.


• Current polling.

On the campaign trail yesterday Collins cast her early vote at St Thomas Tāmaki, stopping in the chapel to offer a prayer beforehand – the National leader has frequently mentioned her Christian faith in recent days.

Collins revealed she voted for the End of Life Choice Bill, and against the Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill. She has been critical of Labour leader Jacinda Ardern for her refusal to say whether she will vote for legalising cannabis.

Ardern cast her vote on Saturday in Mt Albert, just hours after the early voting period began.

And yesterday the Labour leader promised an extra $55 million over four years on a number of initiatives to end rheumatic fever. Most of the money will go towards bolstering the Healthy Homes initiative, which sets minimum standards around heating, insulation, ventilation, moisture and drainage.

The Electoral Commission’s chief electoral officer Alicia Wright has said early voting could make up 60 per cent of the total overall number of votes. In 2017, early voting was 47 per cent.


The commission has been encouraging people to get out early and vote. The last day of the voting period is October 17.

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The latest 1 News Colmar Brunton poll, released a week ago today, showed Labour was still comfortably ahead on 48 per cent – but would need the Greens who were polling on 7 per cent to form a government.

National managed to pull itself up to 33 per cent, up 2 per cent from the same poll the week before.

Mike Hosking’s Leaders Breakfast with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will be broadcast at 7am on Monday, October 12.

The Leaders Breakfast with the leaders of NZ First, the Green Party and Act will be on from 7.30am on Thursday, October 8.

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