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Indian Punjab, Haryana, UP farmers continue anti-farm bills protests



Thousands of Indian Farmers are squeezing on with challenges in and around the national capital against rural enactment they say might be misused by the private division to purchase their crops at moo costs.

After a day of clashes with police who used tear gas, water cannon and baton charges to push them back, the farmers were allowed to enter New Delhi late on Friday.

Television images on Saturday showed some of them moving to the capital while thousands still remained on the outskirts of the city.



“We have called all the farmers’ organisations on December 3 and we have talked before and are still ready for talks,” Tomar said.


There was no quick reaction from the pioneers of the challenges. The nonconformists said they would not return to their homes until their requests were met.

Indian highway closed

 “They at first needed to go to the middle of the capital city Modern Delhi to create the restriction listened but they say in the event that they are not permitted to go to the middle. They will stay on national thruways, causing this incredible intrusion to activity until their requests are met,.
 “It may be a bit serene nowadays but there’s expansive police and
paramilitary nearness observing the challenge.
The farming serve repeated the government point of see that the laws will advantage agriculturists. He is arguing with them to halt protests.”
For the final two months, Farmers unions have rejected the laws, which were passed in September, and have camped out on Highway in Punjab and Haryana states. They say the degree may cause the government to halt buying grain at ensured costs and result in their abuse by organizations that would purchase their crops cheaply. The government says the laws are required to change horticulture by giving ranchers the opportunity to advertise their deliver and boost generation through private investment.
“We are battling for our rights. We won’t rest until we reach the capital and drive the government to nullify these dark laws,” said Majhinder Singh Dhaliwal, a agriculturist leader. Opposition parties and a few Modi partners have called the laws “anti-farmer” and “pro-corporation”.
Farmers have long been seen as the heart and soul of India, where farming underpins more than half of the country’s 1.3 billion people.

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