Toca Hair Salon 3 – Toca Boca AB

Toca Hair Salon 3 – Toca Boca AB

welcome to the Toca Hair Salon 3! Our most popular app series returns, better than ever! Do you feel like making today — some quirky, cute, or edgy? Choose your character from dozens of looks that you can customize — the characters have random styles and personality, which makes the endless play opportunities! Grab your tools and styling!

amazingly realistic hair
hair in the Toca Hair Salon 3 looks and moves like real hair! You can style silky straight hair, bouncy waves, crinkly curls, and for the first time in the Toca Hair Salon Series: kinky hair! This super-curly hair types, means you can to make fluffy ‘fros and other natural hairstyles.

hot styling tools
no salon would be complete without the right accessories!

the basics: of course you find everything for a good wash, including shampoo and a blow dryer. You will also find scissors, Clippers, a razor, a brush and a multipurpose combing tool to use on your client’s hair. In case you cut a little too much, we brought back our amazing grow tonic for hair regrow — definitely a customer pleaser!

hair type: electric styling tools you move between the different types of hair to get just the right look.

Braids: use the brand-new braiding equipment for more styling options! You can have thick braids or thin braids!

the beard: visit the shave station for the best in shave-beauty (or growing!). Lather up with shaving cream, then use scissors, Clippers or a razor to get just the right length. Every character can have a beard!

color: ready for some color? Toca Hair Salon 3 introduces a more advanced hair color tool with two different cans for different size spray. And the new rainbow spray help you to make the most colorful styles you can imagine!

clothes and accessories
now the characters can change into different clothes! Try on new looks to suit that new hair style! Accessorize her look with glasses, hats, head and silly stuff. Choose a photo booth background and take a photo to save to your device and share!

– all-new characters with dozens of starter styles
– straight, wavy, curly and now kinky hair!
– all the tools you need to create the style you want!
– The New braiding tool!
– each character can develop, a beard style for the
– more advanced hair coloring accessories: the dip dye and fade the hair in any color you want!
– change clothes on the characters!
– dozens of new accessories: hats, glasses, jewelry, and more
– change background in photo booth!
– snap a photo in the app and share it with your friends!
– gender-neutral beauty: unlike most hairstyling apps, all kids are welcome to play!
– no time limits or high scores-play for as long as you like!
– no third party ads

about TOCA Boca
Toca Boca is an award winning game studio that makes digital toys for kids. We are playing and having fun is the best way to learn about the world. Therefore we make digital toys and games that help stimulate the imagination, and that you can play together with your kids. Best of all – we have to do it in a safe way without third-party advertising or in-app purchase .

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