Better – better

better – better

it should not fall on the employee to pay for an app an employer is required in order for the employee to know when they work. Plain and simple. Should not need to go further in explaining on that. the
in terms of function, the app works well for the most part. It is a paid app, I expect it to run a little, I don’t know, fast? The lag can get annoying. the
in addition, if anything – the sync calendar option to adjust needed. If an employer reuploads a schedule change due to the calendar app re-write is not in the schedule that was created, basically. Meaning if a manager upload and editing Schedule 7 time, your phone receives seven consecutive notifications that I have to individually swipe away just for a new one to appear immediately . My schedule for the next week, I have 12 . Which means I have to go and delete the other 11 if I want to avoid your phone(and yourself) freaking out when they start rolling in.

just minor things, the calendar thing has not been fixed and has been going on since downloading this app around two years ago.

published on Wed, 11 Jun 2020 22:23:00 +0000


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