Lexilight dyslexia reading lamp

Lexilight dyslexia reading lamp

Lexilight dyslexia reading lamp

Lexilight dyslexia reading lamp, the reading aid lamp designed for dyslexic people.
Reading becomes easier, faster, and less tiring!
A real pleasure.

Our technology, which combines both pulsed and modulated light, makes it possible to erase the mirror effect that a dyslexic person sees. From now on, you will be able to read faster, longer, and without eye strain.

The Concept

The research of French physicists Albert Le Floch and Guy Ropars proved that non-dyslexics have a dominant eye, which is essential for good reading.
While people with Dyslexia have two dominant eyes. They simultaneously send two different pieces of information to the brain at the same time. It is this confusion that creates mirror images and disturbs its reading (p for b, etc.).
The Lexilight lamp allows the brain to process information as if it came from a single dominant eye. Mirror images disappear and the dyslexic finds immediate reading comfort.

The unique reasons for dyslexia reading lamp stay a mystery, even though research out of France two years ago suggests the condition occurs when someone has dominant eyes, alternatively than the standard one. This approach letters appear reflected or blurred, making it difficult to read. The Lexilight lamp tackles this trouble with LEDs — it pulses at a customizable rate, enabling the brain to process records from a single “dominant” eye and clearing up mashed-collectively letters instantly.

The Lexilight is absolutely adjustable — knobs on the again of the light trade the pulsation, allowing customers to discover the rhythm that works for them.


Lexilife is a new corporation out of France, and it’s displaying off the Lexilight at CES 2020. The lamp itself is to be had now in Europe and will come to the US soon, in step with Lexilife founder Jean-Baptiste Fontes. It costs €549 and is to be had for an unfastened 30-day trial.

Lexilife partners with dyslexia aid organizations, and it’s examined the lamp on greater than 300 humans with dyslexia. Ninety percent of them found it improved their studying abilities.

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